by Marsyas

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All around is dark Hide into the womb Close the door and fly Far as far run thoughts Lost, but safe Faint glimpse leads above Enter the realm of I By ruling over your dream Paint the maze Inspect among the grass Open the gate And dissipate the clouds All around is dark Hide into the womb Close the door and fly Far as far run thoughts
See the time That you saved along your lives Trapped and cold Down in this place where it cannot thrive Lay down gold Get back coal What you own Now’s yours no more «People never seemed to notice that, by saving time, they were losing something else. No one cared to admit that life was becoming ever poorer, bleaker and more monotonous. The ones who felt this most keenly were the children, because no one had time for them anymore. But time is life itself, and life resides in the human heart. And the more people saved, the less they had.» Their lies sound like the cure But Pied Pipers lead these mice Grey shades steal what is pure And fade with nothing more than ice So every moment you have lost Every day you have not witnessed Is now lying beyond a curtain No glimpse can see through Only patience and placidity Will lead you across the smoke of burning time While years have passed this fog will last forever Unless you learn to wait for the tide
As Water 05:56
Is our way to perceive The world we mold Straight and clean as the water When it sleeps in the well? Or is water the lens Through which light changes its course? A thousand rays spread around Truth can never be seen as a whole We trust our sight And cherish what we know But do we ever see? Is there real experience here in this flow?
Float with us in serenity And accomplish our motionless journey Behold the darkness defeated by communion And the blazing light that flares from our might I've walked by golden roads And countless eyes have heard my steps When the nights were bright We wandered searching for slumber When the nights were bright Dreams were forgotten delight In the city of light Dreams were forbidden delight Now floating in solitude Pushed back by your will Here in gloom I rest Embraced by sleep
Slither through the tunnel Slither through its tears Slip inside the mouth Whose teeth look like spears Open wide your eyes For here exist no years Do never close the door Or freeze beneath your fears Trapped in the bowels of the earth Frantically waiting And covered in centuries of ice The dog now sees you’re terrified And stares at your eyes While you understand there’s no time for an end
I Out of Paralysis Quickly we must move Crawl back, crawl! To those beds we now refuse II The Earth is struggling The light erupts, appalling The suns are bowing Forever she will sleep Sweet grey clouds Embrace her weeping mouth We leave at once To run fast through the south Gather those who are still free From the ants of wisdom We shall blast the gates Of the palace of the living III Night, can’t you hear this scream? Moon, we’re going to kill your light A boy forever ceased to dream But yet he won his final fight Behold this never-ending flight This rail runs till the end of time Through mountains and cliffs it rides The sky now better fear our might IV Freed be our blood To paint this daybreak Sun, above this peak You hide from your last days
Mater Mundi 05:39
For years I’ve been roaming Trying to engrave your face Mother I’ve kissed the soil, and breathed its smell I fought for life, and killed a man I walked alone, and survived the world Just to unveil the mystery you guarded Mother In the cellar I sat tied but You, my friend, came down on steps of light For long I’ve wandered Along the streets of sin So host me, my friend Please host me, my friend My hands are tired now And still your picture lies in me I feel you nearer I feel your embrace Without a mother, one cannot love. Without a mother, one cannot die.
When the eyelids hug each other And the board turns black Perception fades out warmly Welcomed by the sweet embrace Of the fall Subconscious takes over While vibrations change Memories stick to the brain And gracefully the soul Flies away Migrating from body to body Spirits collect knowledge To be shared with the whole Joining the dance of the archangels Wake up, quietly feel your body While the light turns on Nothing’s changed since your last dawn has Come Now, the sun is high Nothing different strikes your mind You can’t know your essence slipped In all you’ll ever see


released January 17, 2020


all rights reserved



Marsyas Bergamo, Italy

Marsyas was founded in autumn 2014 by Lorenzo Pasini (vocals, guitar). Francesco Luzzana (bass, backing vocals) immediately joined the band, along with Marco Adobati (guitar). After a few months, the line-up was completed by Omar Ghezzi (drums) and Paolo Salvi (keyboards, synth). ... more

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